Health and safety consultants


 Health and safety consultants that are here to help

We are health and safety consultants that specialise in helping small businesses who cannot afford the luxury of a full-time health and safety manager.

If you don’t comply with the Health and Safety at Work Act of 1974 (HSAWA74) you will open yourselves up to all kinds of issues from their staff and possibly the authorities and this will generally make your life a misery. In general small companies know they don’t comply with everything but would like to comply and are concerned that they need to make safety improvements

Health and safety consultants


Health and safety consultants you Know, Like and Trust

We usually find that they don’t like “advisors” or “consultants” telling them what they already know and making them pay for the privilege. They are irritated by those who sell by fear claiming you can go to jail or pay massive fines etc. What they want is some help to comply without messing about with their business unnecessarily.

We are different to some other health and safety advisory companies in that we get involved in helping you manage the introduction of safety. To begin with we start at ground level, getting you to compliant with the Health and safety at work act and then once you understand the processes and procedures further improvements to their safety can be made.

We represent the owner or director who employs us. We are employed to stand up for you against the EHO (environmental health officer), your staff, your insurer the HSE, etc.

If you are looking for health and safety consultants that won’t get in your way  but will get the job done we would love to help.

You will  probably hardly notice we are there so come on give us a call on 01789 330147

health and safety consultants

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